When Two Cents Radio was conceived June, 2013, the initial intention was to just be your average Sports Radio show, covering the SEC and the Sunbelt Conferences. Over the course of the show, we transitioned to more SBC, G5, FCS and mid-majors coverage.

Two Cents Radio hosts/owners were Doug “Bear” Hazard (@BearlyDoug) and Jay Bir (@TheJayBir). The show went live August 1st, 2013. We had Atlanta City Councilman Kwanza Hall (@KwanzaHall), Arkansas State’s CFB Coach Bryan Harsin (@CoachHarsin) and WSB-TV’s Zach Klein (@ZachKleinWSB) on as our guests for this three hour premiere show.

The show would continue on every Wednesday night, from 9 PM until 11 PM for approximately 17 months (through January 2015. When Jay wasn’t available (due to his being an assignment reporter for KARK (TV) in Little Rock), we would have guest hosts. Brandon Cavanaugh (@EightLaces) was usually the person of choice to fill in.

TCR was powered by Sports ManCave (Site is no longer active, @SportsManCave is, though).

We’ve had some incredible guests throughout the years… coaches, athletic directors and sports media personalities.

Over time, TCR evolved from being just a weekly radio show to start embracing the fans… and further transitioned into having an on-field / on-court photography presence.

Jay’s involvement with TCR has taken a step back, while Doug’s involvement continues.

Today, Doug and his “assistant” (wife’s uncle) Nate Francis, strive to bring fans, players and coaches photos from different games. We’ve worked some amazing events, too:

  • The 2014-15 Music City Bowl (LSU at Notre Dame in Nashville, TN)
  • The 2014-15 and 2015-16 Sunbelt Men’s and Women’s Conference Tournaments in New Orleans, LA
  • Georgia Southern vs. App State, their final year as an FCS team
  • Coastal Carolina Chanticleers, its final season as an FCS team
  • Georgia Swarm La Crosse
  • Our first HBCU game, Central State Marauders (Ohio) at Clark Atlanta Panthers

Two Cents RadioFrom the very first game Doug was on Field (2013’s Arkansas State at Auburn) through today, TCR continues to have a presence on the field and on the court. We will go anywhere from Arkansas down to Louisiana, all the way up to New Jersey to Florida to cover a football or basketball game. Most of the time, however, we can be found at a Georgia State Panthers game.

As we re-brand ourselves from Two Cents Radio to TCR’s TheFan.net, we will continue to put the focus on the fans, the schools, the players and issues that affect all three (at times).

We do plan on (eventually) having 2-3 major tailgate events at different football venues every year, once we can properly secure sponsorships. In most cases, these events need a minimum of a $10,000 sponsorship… which will always include a live band performance. (We actually had one lined up for Liberty Flames vs Monmouth Hawks a few years back… just couldn’t secure the funding).

To all of our fans and those of us that follow/interact with us via Social Media, thank you for the past 5 years of awesomeness.  Here’s to another 5 years of fun coming!

Please check out the rest of the site, so you can see how we roll!