While these lists are, by no means, complete, here’s a list of accounts to follow for the 2019 @WNBA season. As we identify who covers what team, I’ll make the necessary updates.

Caveat: Compiled directly from both Meredith Minkow (@murrminks) and Kacy Sager’s (@TheSagerBomb) lists, with a few of mine thrown in. If it’s known what team someone covers, it will be provided in parenthesis after their Twitter handle.

In addition to the @WNBA account, here’s the individual team accounts (and 2019 hashtag) you can also follow:

WNBA Western Conference

WNBA Eastern Conference

Here’s a list of accounts to follow for WNBA coverage. If you’re one of these folks and want this list to be updated with the team/teams you cover, please contact @BearlyDoug via Twitter.