One more Time, GS Eagles has an Interim HC: Chad Lunsford

After removing Tyson Summers (5-13 4-6 overall, 0-6 0-2 in 2017), GS Eagles’ AD Tom Kleinlein named Chad Lunsford Interim Head Coach. One more time (in less than two years), Eagles fans have to deal with HC questions.

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Danny Reed interviews Chad Lunsford, January 2016
Danny Reed interviews Chad Lunsford, January 2016

After faltering over the past 1.5 years to an abysmal 5-13 (4-6 in SBC play) overall, and a winless 0-6 in 2017, Tom Kleinlein removed Tyson Summers from Head Coach of the Georgia Southern Eagles. AD Kleinlein (once again) named @ChadLunsford the Interim Head Coach.

A brief history of Coach Lunsford can be found here and here.

It’s time to give Coach Chad Lunsford a fighting chance to drop the interim tag.

Given GS’ situation, I would be against going the assistant to HC route. This time, however, I think Coach Lunsford actually deserves a chance to earn that position.

If I’m Tom Kleinlein, I’ve told Coach Lunsford that he has a chance to drop the “interim” tag and make it permanent, if and ONLY if:

  • GS keeps it close against Troy;
  • GS defeats Georgia State;
  • AND GS defeats Appalachian State.

Give Coach a chance to actually compete for the HC position, especially given the fact that he had to have the interim tag just under two years ago.

If I’m Chad Lunsford, I become “Mad Chad” Lunsford, and:

  • Make things really interesting at Troy;
  • not only beat GSU and App State;
  • Return to the Triple Option immediately.

Coach knows that the Triple Option is Georgia Southern’s bread and butter. Lunsford’s seen it with Mike Sewak (2002-2005), Jeff Monken (2013) and Willie Fritz (2014 and 2015). Coach knows that GS’ fan base craves that brutal rushing attack. He:

  1. Needs to get pissed.
  2. Becomes the reincarnation of Erk Russell.
  3. Stomps along the side lines.
  4. Headbutts his clipboards (please have a steady supply handy, Eagles!).
  5. Makes every win an exclamation mark.

Nothing and nobody stops him from turning this team around and restoring its vaunted offense back to its rightful place.

He’s paid his dues, he’s got the experience and knowledge. And he’s a home grown Georgian kid.

Chad Lunsford deserves a chance to become the permanent head coach of the Georgia Southern Eagles.

(Oh, and if he DOES become permanent, the first person he should be calling is Victor Cabral and telling him to get his ass back home to Georgia Southern!)