2019-20 CFB (52 Photos) – Georgia State Panthers final home game for Seniors

I tend to hate these types of posts, because it means that CFB season is winding down… and yet another group of incredible men are getting ready to move onto the next chapter of their lives.

This one is a bit harder than most, because of a connection I made FIVE years ago, with one particular person. I was eager to see him on the field to see what he could do, however, when you’re the back up for the (now) New Orleans Saints Kicker, Wil Lutz, you’re not gonna be THE guy until after Wil leaves.

I had to wait until Brandon Wright’s (#93, @Go_For_3) Redshirt Sophomore season before he was on the field regularly.

I have two football jerseys in my possession. One was given to me back in 2006. I bought the other one, with Brandon’s number on it. This is just how special of a kid he is to me.

I digress, this is about ALL of the Georgia State Panthers CFB Seniors…

Y’all had TWO home stadiums and went through a coaching change. For a few of you, you’re about to head to your third bowl game as a Panther… for such a young program, this is an INCREDIBLE feat to achieve. Y’all even managed to go FIVE AND ONE at home… losing only to Appalachian State (The SBC East Conf champ for this year).

I appreciate everything y’all did while wearing the black and blues, the white and blues and everything else in between. You represented #OurCity *very* well this year.

Thank you, Seniors, for one of the most memorable seasons (EVER) I’ve had the pleasure of covering.