2018 BKB – GSU Panthers honor D’Marcus Simonds, Isaiah WIlliams and Jordan Session, plus fan pics for USA Jaguars at GSU Panthers

2018 BKB – GSU Panthers honor D’Marcus Simonds (@TwoSpicee), Isaiah WIlliams (@zay_wil1) and Jordan Session (@SwaggyJ23_), plus fan pics for USA Jaguars at GSU Panthers

Before I turn my attention to the two Seniors who played their last regular-season game, I’ve gotta give a HUGE HUGE HUGE shoutout to Sophomore D’Marcus Simonds, who, with tonight’s game, moves into #16 All time in points scored (1056), and only needs 18 to tie / 19 to overtake #15’s 1074 points, by Lamont McIntosh (2000-04).

I know D’Marcus is going to continue to re-write the history books, but congratulations on this HISTORIC achievement. Just for comparison’s sake, D’Marcus currently has 668 points (2nd highest ever… and still going) and is a Sophomore. R.J. Hunter’s Junior year saw him finishing with 688 points. Averaging 21.5 points a game, I expect D’Marcus to move into #1 for most points in a season in GSU History before he leaves New Orleans next week.

This is always a tough time of the year, both for the Panthers, and for me, personally. While I am ecstatic to see more Panthers going the full mile and getting their four year degrees, it doesn’t make it easy to say “Good bye, and thank you!”.

This is the first time I’ve been able to cover the Georgia State Panthers Men’s Basketball squad and see players go from Freshmen, to Sophomores, to Juniors and now to Seniors. As much as I would like to say that I did the same last year with Isaiah Dennis (@i_dennis23), I didn’t start covering GSU Men’s Basketball until almost conference play his freshman year.

Watching (and covering) both Isaiah Williams and Jordan Session for the past four years has been such an incredible experience. I’ve gotten to see them go from “green behind the ears” to seasoned veterans and leaders, as well as mentors to the underclassmen they play with.

The friendships that have come as a result of how I approach sports media, being able to watch these guys grow up, watch them lead, and watch them absolutely enjoy playing for all of us has been an absolute privilege.

I don’t want to take anything away from any players I’ve covered in the past, nor take anything away from the Freshmen, Sophomores or Juniors that are playing now (and I know I’m living in the moment), but these two guys… wow. Again, it’s been an absolute privilege and honor covering you, Sesh and ZayWill.

While I know (and expect) Jordan to play overseas, I actually see a different path for Isaiah W; one that leads him into coaching. I think he’ll have a far more significant impact there, helping lead the next generations of ballers.

Thank you, guys, for just being you, and being awesome people. We’re all better with y’all being around.

Oh, and Sesh? You still “owe” me that game with my neighbor’s kids! 😀