2017 MBB - Game 10: Point Skyhawks at GSU Panthers

2017 MBB – Game 10: Point Skyhawks at GSU Panthers

2017 MBB – Game 10: Point Skyhawks at GSU Panthers; Skyhawks fly high first half then roost in their nest the second half.

2017 MBB - Game 10: Point Skyhawks at GSU Panthers

The Point Skyhawks decided fly along I-85 for a visit to the Georgia State Panthers earlier this evening. This game was an exhibition game for the Skyhawks, while it was an OOC game for the Panthers.

The first half saw the Skyhawks go talon to claw with the Panthers, until a couple missed three pointers by Point and a pair of steals from Malik Benlevi (@MastaBruce_) and a few three pointers from D’Marcus Simonds (@TwoSpicee) started to pull the Panthers away.

The second half was a little more of the same, but with fewer points put up (but not by much).

The Skyhawks had three guys in double digit points: Taboris Griggs (@LongLiveSwain_2) and Tyonn Stuckey (@NikeTyonn) with 15 points, each. Hakeem Winters (@WintersHakeem12) had 12. These three combined for 8 of the 12 made 3 pointers (28 tries). Defensively, this was a fairly clean game. Panthers were 10-16 from the foul line.

The Panthers continued its trend of multiple players getting double figures in points: D’Marcus Simonds had more than a third of the Panthers’ 90 points (33, with a monstrous 6 of 9 three pointers made). Malik Benlevi (13 pts), Devin Mitchell (@D_Mitch23, 12 pts) and Kane Williams (@KaneWill23, 11pts) combined for 36 points. Devin Mitchell had 5 assists and 3 steals.

Overall, a fun game to watch!

Point Skyhawks head to Mount Berry, GA to take on the Berry Vikings on the 13th, at 7 PM. They have two more road games before finally returning home on January 6th, to take on Union (KY) College at 4 PM.

Georgia State Panthers head up to Dayton, OH to take on the Dayton Flyers on Saturday, December 16th at 7 PM. A stop at UMass and Chattanooga before heading to Alabama to start SunBelt Conference play at South Alabama (Dec 29th) and Troy (New Year’s Eve) before finally returning home January 4th to take on the Little Rock Trojans at 7:15 PM.

Photos from the game