Looking for about 10 high schools (Athletic Directors, first) to help develop new site


As I get more involved in providing coverage for Women’s Athletics (WNBA, WBB, etc), and as I start paying closer attention to non-revenue generating sports, scholarships (“The Myth of the Sports Scholarship” was an incredibly powerful read/education lesson) and girls as they start their recruiting process, I’ve come to the realization that while sites like HUDL and Verbal Commits is great for HS/JUCO football and basketball (mostly men) players, there’s little to no sites/resources available for female recruits/prospects, and none (that I can see) that covers ALL sports these young women participate in. Sites devoted to women’s (and girls) athletics is sadly (and vastly) under-represented within the US.

I also realize that while there’s a TON of information available, via search engine searching, the most important details aren’t always in one central place, nor are they spelled out absolutely clearly so that recruits (as a whole) and their parents can clearly understand the process.

I want to see what I can do to help change this. While the site I am working on may not have all the bells and whistles that HUDL and Verbal Commits offers, it should serve as a fantastic starting point for girls and young women starting (or restarting) their recruiting process.

Thanks to a current South Alabama Jaguar WBB Student Athlete, I have secured the “SHEcruits.com” (and “SHEcruit.com”) domains, and set up the Twitter handle (@SHECruits).

It’s my intention to follow the same model as HUDL, where each high school (or JuCo) has a “master” account, and each sport is a part of that master account, and each recruit has a profile under that sport. Again, this is being developed for girls and women only, to help give them a voice.

Where we’ll differ from these other sites is that we’ll give each of the members the ability to have their own voice. We’ll be encouraging them to blog/share their stories about what drives them… their fears, their passions, their every day life.

We’ll also have a portal where a collegiate coach (or recruiting coordinator (RC)) will be able to view a member’s profile for that sport, and obtain contact information (following NCAA guidelines, of course). Each collegiate coach/RC will also have that recruit’s coach’s contact information, as well.

It’ll be up to each HS/JuCo coach to grant access to the site for each player, and to monitor what’s been shared (text/videos, stats, etc).

Once the site is ready to launch, I will pursue NCAA accreditation/certification (though we will NOT be listed as a recruiting service, nor endorsing any school/recruit/coach beyond showcasing recruits (which will be done randomly).

Now, for what I need…

This will be a paid site, though most of the recruit’s profile (except personal contact information) will be publicly available. I have not decided on a pricing structure, as of yet, however, it will be absolutely affordable for everyone.

I actually need to have 10 different high schools involved with the development/build out portion of the site. In exchange for their help, I will ensure they have lifetime free access to the site for ALL girl sports profiles they’ll need. I may extend a similar offer to JuCo/Collegiate coaches, as long as it does not violate any NCAA recruiting guidelines.

Please reach out to me via Twitter (@BearlyDoug) or via Facebook if you would like to help with this.